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Contact: Ed Peck, Filament Marketing

February 3, 2009



February 3, 2009 Sioux Center, Iowa – Two genetic copies of N Bar Primrose 2424, sold as yet-to-be-born pregnancies, dominated both the Denim and Diamonds and also the Bases Loaded Angus sales at the recent National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colo.

The Denim and Diamonds sale was topped with the pregnancy consigned by Broken Arrow Ranch at a bid of $65,000. This pregnancy was purchased by Luddington Cattle Company and Kiomichi Link. Express Angus Ranch consigned the pregnancy that was the second high-seller in the Bases Loaded sale, for a bid of $62,500 made by Tommy Turner of Waco, Texas.

N Bar Primrose 2424 has had a major impact on the entire breed. Prominent sons of this breed matron include the legendary Pathfinder Sire N Bar Emulations EXT, WCC Special Design L309, EXAR New Look 2971, EXAR Foundation 1806 and WCC Precision E161. In addition to her influential sons, numerous prominent daughters have commanded top bids at industry sales and have been key genetic influences in breeding programs around the world. N Bar Primrose 2424 now will continue to impact the breed because of the advancements of cloning technology.

“This cow has had an amazing influence on the breed, and producing genetic copies of her, and now having those calves distributed throughout elite breeding herds, is going to make her genetic influence even greater,” said Diane Broek, Bovance general manager. “We are just as excited and anxious as the new owners to see the N Bar Primrose 2424 calves on the ground.”

Also turning heads in the yard exhibits at the National Western was the genetic copy of the Champion Steer at the 2008 Houston Stock Show and Rodeo™. Phil Lautner of Lautner Farms proudly displayed the beautiful bull, aptly named Houston, as part of his sire showcase for the upcoming breeding season. Through cloning technology by Bovance, the genetics of the donor steer can now be passed along through his bull clone.

“Houston is a great example of how cloning technology can help the beef industry,” said Broek. “Elite steers are, of course, not able to reproduce; therefore, their genetics are lost even before we know how good they are for growth and carcass traits. With cloning technology, the best can be brought back as fertile breeding bulls, as in the case of Houston.”

Bovance is a joint-venture between Trans Ova Genetics of Sioux Center, Iowa and ViaGen of Austin, Texas. Trans Ova Genetics helps cattle breeding clients effectively implement advanced reproductive technologies, including embryo transfer, in vitro fertilization, sexed semen, genetic preservation and cloning. ViaGen adds value to the marketplace by cloning animals, licensing and selling proprietary animal genetics, and providing traits and technology for animal agriculture industries worldwide. Bovance provides bovine cloning services to cattle producers across North America as an exclusive product offering from Trans Ova Genetics.